The Story of Serbin Medical Billing

From a name you know and trust comes a new approach to ASC Revenue Cycle Management.
Here's why the time was right for Serbin Medical Billing.
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The latest venture for ASC industry veteran Caryl Serbin, RN, BSN, LHRM, is concierge-type ASC billing service for clients wanting more than the assembly-line services offered by most billing companies. Serbin Medical Billing's premise and promise is based on the concierge concept of personalized quality service ("The Serbin Difference"). This model may not appeal to every client, but for those who want personalized and quality outsourcing of their coding, billing and collection tasks, Serbin Medical Billing is the clear choice.

Serbin Medical Billing's unique approach of providing individual teams for clients has proven to be the preferred method in seamlessly integrating an ASC's business office with our billing company. When you partner with Serbin Medical Billing, communication between your staff and ours is simplified because you can speak with the same people regarding your account. And because you have your own Serbin Medical Billing team, these experienced, quality-driven team members concentrate solely on providing your ASC with the best revenue outcome.


For anyone who has known or worked with Caryl during her 30-plus years in healthcare, this model should come as no surprise. She previously owned and operated Surgery Consultants of America (SCA), an ASC development and management company. In managing these centers, Caryl realized there was often a lack of available experienced and certified ASC billing staff. Many of the ASCs requested help in solving this problem.


Thus, Serbin Surgery Center Billing (SSCB), the first ASC-specific billing company, was founded. Thanks to its team's unique understanding of clinical, compliance and business office needs, SSCB went on to become the leading ASC-specific billing company in the industry. SCA and SSCB serviced more than 100 ASCs nationwide. In 2010, SSCB was acquired by an ASC software company.

In 2016, following many requests from previous billing clients and Caryl's realization that there was a need for more customer-service oriented revenue cycle management (RCM) services, she launched Serbin Medical Billing. Serbin Medical Billing's management and staff have extensive experience in all aspects of RCM. Unlike most ASC billing companies, their experience encompasses far more than just reimbursement. With their background in developing and managing surgery centers, they also have the clinical, managed care and compliance experience needed to fully understand and answer the challenges facing ASCs in obtaining optimum, appropriate reimbursement.

Serbin Medical Billing's leaders also have experience developing ASC policies and procedures for the business and clinical aspects of an ASC. In addition to providing industry-leading billing services, Serbin Medical Billing provides outsourcing setup information, education information and front office business policies and forms.

Caryl has long been a supporter of ASC industry organizations. She has presented at national ASC seminars and state association meetings, and has as authored numerous articles on reimbursement, managed care negotiations and other related RCM topics. She was selected as a spokesperson for AAASC (which later merged with FASA to become the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association) to present a series of nationwide educational seminars on the changing CMS payment system and its impact on ASCs. Caryl is now dedicated to reaching out through various mediums to educate ASCs on managed care, best practices, compliance and all things RCM. She has accumulated a massive ASC billing database and shares it freely through articles, white papers, business office job descriptions and policies and procedures, webinars, newsletters and complimentary revenue cycle assessments.

Caryl has experience in establishing, growing and managing top-performing RCM teams. She has helped create visions, identify opportunities and deliver strong revenues and profits in addition to positioning start-up and existing businesses for sustainable revenue growth. Thanks to Caryl's experience in managing and billing for independent, hospital joint-venture and corporate-owned ASCs, Serbin Medical Billing assists clients with the ongoing challenges and changes in healthcare while remaining compliant and profitable.