The ASC industry veterans on the Serbin Medical Billing leadership team have served as sources and contributed columns to ASC publications for the past 30-plus years. The list below includes only those columns published since the launch of Serbin Medical Billing in 2016.


Why is my ASC losing money? 8 pre-procedure areas to focus on (Part I) (Becker's ASC Review, September)

Third-Party Payer Collections: 20 Tips for Quicker, Better Reimbursement for Your ASC (Becker's ASC Review, August)

Recipe for Joint-Venture ASC Success (July)

10 Reasons Joint-Venture ASCs Struggle With Revenue Cycle Management (Becker's ASC Review, July)

Problems in These Revenue Cycle Areas Can Strain an ASC's Cash Flow (May)

4 Reasons Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing is on the Rise (April)

7 Critical Steps for Successful ASC Self-Pay Patient Collections (Becker's ASC Review, February)

Revenue-Healthy ASC New Year's Resolutions: 6 Best Practices to Improve Your Financial Performance in 2019 (Becker's ASC Review, January)


8 Tips for Successfully Collecting Patient Financial Obligations (Becker's ASC Review, October)

10 Red Flags That Your ASC's Revenue Cycle Management is Coming Up Short (Becker's ASC Review, August)

8 Guidelines to Improve ASC Implant Reimbursement (Becker's ASC Review, August)

8 Areas ASCs Struggle with Internal Revenue Cycle Management (Becker's ASC Review, June)

Overcoming ASC Financial Challenges Through Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing (May)

8 Tips for ASCs to Work More Effectively with Their RCM Vendor Partner (Becker's ASC Review, May)

10 Areas of Focus to Improve Your ASC Accounts Receivable (April)

3 Key Steps to Improve Business Office Efficiency and Accuracy Through Auditing (Becker's ASC Review, March)

5 Risks Associated With Overseas ASC Billing And Coding (Becker's ASC Review, February)


ASC Billing New Year's Resolutions: 8 Goals For 2018 (December)

4 ASC Fee Schedule Best Practices to Know (LinkedIn, December)

Improving ASC upfront collections (Part II): 8 steps in effective patient financial counseling (Becker's ASC Review, December)

Improving ASC upfront collections (Part I): 5 fundamental steps in obtaining payer pre-authorization (Becker's ASC Review, November)

Common ASC coding errors: podiatry, otolaryngology and more (Becker's ASC Review, October)

Attain Compliant Revenue Cycle Management (ASC Focus, October)

Common ASC coding errors: orthopedics, gastroenterology and ophthalmology (Becker's ASC Review, September)

8 revenue cycle errors to avoid in your ASC (Becker's ASC Review, August)

Measuring Your ASC's Financial and Compliance Health (LinkedIn, August)

8 ways to improve your revenue cycle efficiency and facilitate faster reimbursement (Becker's ASC Review, July)

7 essential items to look for in a revenue cycle management company agreement (Becker's ASC Review, June)

14 key areas for ASCs to audit when days in accounts receivable increase (Becker's ASC Review, May)

What to Look for in an ASC Revenue Cycle Management Company (LinkedIn, May)

5 effective pre-procedure steps to guarantee maximum reimbursement for your ASC (Becker's ASC Review, April)

Is Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management the Right Decision for Your ASC? (LinkedIn, April)

Why ASCs outsource their revenue cycle management (Becker's ASC Review, April)

Calculate Your ASC's OR Cost Per Minute (ASC Focus, March)

Is it time for your ASC's revenue cycle check-up? (Becker's ASC Review, April)

10 ASC revenue cycle trends and developments to watch in 2017 (Becker's ASC Review, January)


11 common coding mistakes in ASCs & how your center can prevent them (Becker's ASC Review, November)

Back in business: Caryl Serbin on big challenges for ASCs & launching Serbin Medical Billing (Becker's ASC Review, September)

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