Serbin Medical Billing differentiates itself from other billing companies by offering an extensive scope of services delivered to you in our unique and personalized manner. Many of our included services are exclusive to our company and our customized service delivery system has been proven to be the preferred method among clients.

Revenue Cycle management team

Your ASC has its own team who are fully dedicated to servicing your account. Each team member is well versed on every aspect of your revenue cycle.

fee Schedule

Comparison of your fee schedule to CMS reimbursement allowances to determine if your fees are in alignment with other ASCs with similar specialty mix and geographic modification.


Your coding will be performed by an experienced certified coder.

Charge Posting

Fees for all coded services are entered and submitted within 24 hours of receipt of coding information.

Claim submission

Thanks to our intensive manual and clearinghouse scrubbing of claims, clean claims are submitted without errors or necessity of resubmission.


Your charge posters' vigilant scrutiny ensures that managed care organizations are meeting their contractual obligations and that payments are accurate and complete.

Third Party Payer Collections

Your ASC-experienced team managed care collector provides timely follow-up on all submitted and disputed claims as well as tracks the status of your appeals and requests for additional information.


Prompt identification of overpayments with initiation of refund process.

Patient Collections

After final determination of patient responsibility, patient statements are automatically printed and sent on a daily basis with follow-up as necessary.

Patient Billing Calls

Handled by a member of your team.

Delinquent Accounts

Delinquent patient account reports are submitted to center for approval before sending accounts to collection.


Monthly comprehensive analytical reporting that covers all aspects of cash flow management, provider utilization, charges, payments, accounts receivable, payer trends, etc.


Real-time access to your patient accounts and revenue cycle management reports, eliminating outdated/sporadic reporting. 


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