Special Reports

Below you will find links to what we call our special reports. From white papers to checklists, these reports will help your ASC make better decisions when it comes to your revenue cycle management. When new special reports are published, we announce them on LinkedIn and via email announcement (join our mailing list by filling out the form to the right).

White Papers

The "ABCs" of Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management: Discusses Advantages, Billing Companies, Customer Satisfaction and helps ASCs make the best outsourcing decision.


Check-Up Checklist: Identifies the most important areas of an ASC's revenue cycle and explains how to perform an audit.

Comprehensive Analyses

Ultimate Guide to ASC Revenue Leaks and Best Practices to Plug Them: Experiencing a decrease in cash flow and profitability? Your ASC may be the victim of "revenue leaks." Learn where money may disappear and receive guidance on how to plug these leaks.

Avoiding Revenue Cycle Fraud and Abuse in Your ASC: To keep your ASC safe from fraud and abuse, this report identifies a few coding and billing areas to closely monitor for potential fraud problems and shares a number of tips that will help your ASC stay out of regulatory hot water.

Understanding Third-Party Payer Requirements for Prompt Payments: Learn about private and government payer prompt-payment laws and come away with insight to help your ASC receive payments in a timely manner.

Defining and Measuring Business Office Staff Performance In Your ASC: Learn about the key positions needed in an ASC's business office and how to measure the job performance of these individuals.

Is Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management the Right Decision for Your ASC?: Find out important considerations and questions to answer that will help you make the best choice.

Understanding and Measuring Accounts Receivable in an ASC: Learn the meaning of accounts receivable (A/R), different areas in an ambulatory surgery center affecting A/R and how measuring A/R can assist ASCs in collecting money owed more efficiently.

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