ASC Joint Ventures: Hospital and Physician Contributions

As the trend of surgical care migrating out of the inpatient hospital setting and into outpatient settings like ASCs continues, there are many reasons to consider developing a hospital/physician joint-venture surgery center. Such a partnership, when executed effectively, can provide great benefits to both parties and ultimately the patient population.

Before starting down the joint venture path, the main consideration is whether the hospital and ASC physician partners have an amicable relationship. If that's the case, consider the following contributions that the hospital and physicians can offer:

Hospital Contributions

  • Shares financial risks/responsibilities

  • Ability to attract additional physicians

  • Maintains positive relationship with physicians

  • Experience in developing community-based healthcare services

  • Community relationships (e.g., financing institutions, politicians, business leaders)

  • Experience with regulatory agencies

  • Existing managed care contracts

  • Broad-based knowledge of community futures and impact on healthcare environment

  • Able to share key services with ASC via contractual agreements (e.g., employee health, human services, infection control, credentialing)

Physician Contributions

  • Patients/immediate caseload

  • Remain competitive in marketplace

  • Possible growth of inpatient caseload

  • Possible addition of new specialties

  • Shares financial risks/responsibilities

  • Shares leadership for the ASC

  • Community relationships with managed care providers and employers

  • Support for the healthcare system

  • Community relationships with peer group

  • Maintains positive relationship with hospital

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