Ask Caryl: ASC Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Services

Q: What services should an ASC expect when outsourcing its revenue cycle management?

Caryl: On a basic level, most revenue cycle management companies provide:

  • coding from the operative note;

  • claims submission;

  • implant billing;

  • accurate contractual adjustments;

  • daily payment posting;

  • fee schedule analysis and maintenance;

  • resolution of software or clearinghouse issues related to billing;

  • loading of managed care contracts and any updates;

  • compliance and HIPAA programs;

  • timely refund recommendations; and

  • enforcement of prompt payment laws.

Optional services that may be offered for additional fees include managed care contracting, state reporting, insurance verification and benchmarking.

Important note: The differences between revenue cycle management companies doesn’t necessarily lie with the services offered but with the quality of those services. Conduct careful due diligence into the ASC revenue cycle management companies you are considering before choosing a partner.

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