Changing ASC Billing Companies is Easy With Serbin

Serbin Medical Billing offers concierge-type ambulatory surgery center (ASC) revenue cycle management (RCM). We provide a more extensive range of services than other billing companies because of our all-encompassing ASC development, clinical/business management, regulatory, financial and billing experience. It is through this expertise and broad understanding of ASC operations that we make it easy for ASCs disappointed with their current billing situation to make a positive change.

Here's a broad overview of some of the reasons why ASCs who switch to Serbin never switch again.

Setup Process

  • Our initial setup process is organized to streamline the transition. At least 30 days prior to starting, we provide necessary forms and policies and clearly define center and billing company responsibilities. We provide ongoing guidance and additional policies, procedures, and forms as needed or requested.
  • To alleviate concerns regarding compliance with federal regulations, our billing company has an ASC-specific compliance plan based on HIPAA and OIG requirements. Inservices are provided to all employees upon hiring and annually thereafter and when new regulations are implemented.
  • We make sure your fee schedule is current by comparing it to CMS reimbursement allowances. This allows us to determine if your fees are in alignment with other ASCs sharing a similar specialty mix and geographic location. This is repeated at least annually and more often when changes occur.
  • In order to make a more seamless transition, we load your third-party payer contracts initially and continue to keep them current with any updates and changes.
  • Our technical experts enable utilization of your ASC's software through high-speed, HIPAA-compliant connectivity, allowing full transparency and real-time access to patient accounts and RCM reports.
  • We feel that ongoing, organized and consistent communication is vital to maintaining a successful partnership between your center and our billing company. Serbin management, as well as members of your assigned RCM team, is always available to respond to any requests promptly.
  • We take pride that we are an American-owned and American-based company, with all of our services performed in-house in the United States. We never outsource any of our services to other companies or countries.

Ongoing Services

  • We are proud to offer your ASC its own RCM team fully dedicated to servicing your account, with each team member well versed on every aspect of your revenue cycle. Each team consists of an experienced, certified coder, charge poster, payment poster, third-party-payer collector and patient collector.
  • Your team uses electronic claim transmission with intensive manual and clearinghouse scrubbing of claims. The result: submission of clean claims without errors or necessity of resubmission.
  • Your RCM team prides itself in ensuring that managed care organizations (MCOs) are meeting their contractual obligations, payments are accurate and complete, and state prompt-payment laws are always followed. Your team works aggressively to collect all monies owed, including appealing incorrect or denied claims to their resolution.
  • We believe that patients should be apprised of their remaining financial responsibility as soon as their MCO has paid its share. We send patient statements immediately and repeat monthly as necessary. We also make it easier on your ASC’s business office staff by having a member of your RCM team handle all billing calls.
  • It is our belief that all financial decisions should be approved by your ASC’s management staff and/or governing board. Fee changes, overpayments and refunds, write-offs and assignment of delinquent accounts for collection all require ASC approval.
  • At the end of each month, you can depend on our comprehensive and analytical reports covering all aspects of cash-flow management, provider utilization, charges, payments, accounts receivable, payer trends and more to provide you with a clear overview of your ASC's financial health. All reports are verifiable by your CFO or CPA.
  • To ensure your ongoing confidence in the accuracy of our work, we have internal coding, billing and collection controls in place which are audited internally on a quarterly basis. Coding and billing functions are also audited annually by an outside firm.

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