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Case Study:
Louisiana Surgery Center


This Louisiana physician-owned, multi-specialty ASC had been open for three years. Its previous experience with outsourcing revenue cycle management (RCM) was not providing the outcomes expected. Since the center was not meeting the projected revenue, its governing board engaged Serbin to take over the RCM.


Prior to Serbin's involvement in RCM, this client's:

  • accounts receivable (A/R) was nearing $1.5 million;

  • days in A/R were greater than 50;

  • aged A/R > 90 days was almost 40% of total A/R; and

  • average gross charge per case was approximately $7,500.

Serbin was brought in to address the revenue shortcoming and other revenue cycle issues.


Within a few months, Serbin had positively changed the ASC’s financial dynamics, including the following:

  • Total A/R decreased over 36%

  • Days in A/R decreased almost 36%

  • A/R > 90 days decreased almost 60%

  • Average gross charge per case increased to nearly $7,800, an increase of nearly 3%