Setting ASC Coders
Up for Success

For ASCs to maintain a steady cash flow, coders must deliver timely, accurate and optimized coding while remaining compliant. To accomplish these objectives requires ASCs to provide coders with a few essentials.

1. Up-to-date coding references and/or current coding software for:

  • CPT
  • ICD-10
  • Specialty references (orthopedics, anesthesia, GI, etc.)
  • Internet access

2. Complete, accurate and timely medical records, including:

  • detailed patient identification information including name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, birth date, insurance information, insurance authorization;
  • current history and physical;
  • detailed provider’s procedure report;
  • anesthesia records;
  • receipts for pre-procedure payments made by patient (e.g. copay, deductible, co-insurance);
  • description of any payment arrangements (e.g. promissory notes, payment plans);
  • implant log, if applicable, including invoice for implant; and
  • pathology log, if applicable.

3. Space where coder can concentrate, along with:

  • up-to-date software with research capabilities;
  • access to senior level coder for complex cases;
  • reference library; and
  • applicable names/telephone numbers of providers, pathology laboratory and anesthesia providers.

To designate the appropriate procedure codes and modifiers and to determine the diagnosis to the highest level of specificity, a coder may need to access any or all of this information. Comprehensive, timely, accurate and compliant coding will help ensure your ASC receives its deserved revenue promptly.

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