ASC Business Office Staff Tasklists: Charge Poster/Billing Specialist

These tips, part of an ongoing series that identifies ASC business office staff positions and provides suggested responsibilities for auditing purposes and evaluating employee progress, focus on the Charge Poster/Billing Specialist.

Charge Poster/Billing Specialist

1. Understands:

  • Form requirements for each kind of claim (e.g., managed care (may differ by payer), Medicare, Medicaid, workers' compensation).

  • Requirements for billing multiple procedures, implants and supplies.

2. Enters charges provided by coder.

3. Uploads to clearinghouse.           

4. Checks clearinghouse report for payer acceptance.

5. Corrects and resends non-accepted claims.

6. Prints and sends paper claims, where applicable.

7. Attaches required information to paper claims (e.g., operative notes, implant invoices).

8. Places appropriate notes in patient accounts.

9. Ensures that the number of claims submitted for reimbursement matches the number cases on the schedule for that date and also matches the number of cases coded. 

The next set of tips in this series will focus on the Collections Specialist. Access other tips in this series on ASC business office staff tasklists.

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