SMB President Caryl Serbin Discusses Return to ASC Medical Billing Business

In a Becker's ASC Review column, Serbin Medical Billing (SMB) President and Founder Caryl Serbin discusses the primary reasons why she is returning to the ASC medical billing business with the launch of SMB.

As she noted in the column, "Our primary reasons ... were multiple requests from previous clients and because there was no company that provided our unique level of service. SMB's leaders and staff have extensive experience in all aspects of revenue cycle management. Unlike most other ASC billing companies, their experience encompasses far more than just reimbursement."

Serbin goes on to discuss the services provided by SMB, challenges facing the ASC industry, anticipated changes to the industry and why SMB is well-positioned to succeed in the evolving healthcare environment.

Access the Becker's ASC Review column by clicking here.